What Our Clients Are Saying


Caroline Ahern

Senior Vice President, Finance & Accounting

EB5 Capital

"Our company has worked with Mia since 2014 and is our go-to for all accounting and finance hiring needs. Her team has successfully sourced nearly half our accounting team and Mia is so easy to work with…"  +

"Mia understands the soft skills required of a position which are far more difficult to discern than certifications or technical expertise, but so often these soft skills are the key to finding a long-term, high performing teammate. She also knows the candidate market inside and out which is helpful in determining fair and competitive salaries. We’ll continue using Mia for all our accounting positions based on our past successes with her candidates."


Traci Baird, MPH

President and Chief Executive Officer


"Mia was a huge help to me as we were filling out our senior team at EngenderHealth after our office moved to DC. She is sincere in her interest in our non-profit work and understands how important mission alignment is for us. She is both friendly and professional, efficient, and patient, and always responsive."  +

"She listens carefully to feedback about candidates, and I always felt comfortable letting her know when someone was not a match for us. Most importantly, through her extensive network and her search strategies she has matched us with excellent colleagues who are significant contributors to our organization."


Contina Djaouga

Vice President, Finance

U.S. Travel Association

"The success of Chisholm Consulting is rooted in the dedication that Mia exhibits by actively searching for the right candidate to fit the culture of each organization.  She focuses on finding a match through the recruitment process that is  ideal for the candidate and the client."  +

"Mia is very engaged, experienced and demonstrates integrity and professionalism as she provides top talent for positions.  These traits are the hallmark of the services provided by Chisholm Consulting."

"She was a pleasure to work with and continued to follow up even after the candidates were employed to ensure our needs were met.  We will definitely work with Chisholm Consulting again and would recommend her to other organizations as well.  The team at Chisholm Consulting is extremely friendly, professional, and responsive."


Davina Etwaroo

Special Assistant to the CEO

Pediatric Nursing Certification Board

"After months of toiling away on my own and getting my hopes up with other recruiters, I was fortunate to receive a call from Dawn at Chisholm Consulting! She pulled me up from the brink of losing hope and provided me with potential job opportunities that matched my experience and interests. She was always so pleasant and positive, which every jobseeker could use a dose of! The period of time from when Dawn initially reached out to me to the day I landed an incredible job offer was two and a half weeks – unreal! I’ll be forever grateful to her!"  +


Susan Sandler

Senior Director, Institutional Giving

Catholic Charities USA

"I am incredibly grateful to Chisholm Consulting for helping me land my current role. Margaret was terrific; she kept me well informed and guided me throughout the process. This was my first experience being placed by a recruiter, and it could not have been a better one. Thank you!"  +


Rebecca Coleman

Sr. Major Gifts Officer

Children's Defense Fund

"Melissa reached out to me with a potential job opportunity and I can honestly say I have NEVER received such intentional support  from a recruiter before! From beginning to end I felt she was in my corner. She was very transparent and communicative throughout the whole process that ultimately led to a job offer. From her support in interview prep, to post-interview follow up, and check-ins along the way, I truly felt well equipped. Thank you, Melissa and Chisholm Consulting!"  +


Allie Barth

Vice President, Industry Relations

American Gaming Association

"Mia is exceptionally talented at finding good matches. In the two instances our association asked for her help recruiting, the first candidates that she proposed to us, were who we ultimately hired…"  +

"She and her team thoroughly vet, ask smart questions on both sides to ensure a good fit. She also respects that executives have limited time and is incredibly accommodating and flexible in finding a way to keep this important process moving along and ultimately to get the right hire in place with little effort on the exec. I would absolutely work with her again."


Shante Bureau

Assistant Controller

Council on Foundations

"I am so grateful to have worked with Mia and Chisholm Consulting. Mia is very sharp, forthright and a non-profit extraordinaire. It is very evident that she is enthusiastic about connecting both the requirements of the organization and desires of the prospective employee…"  +

"It was important to me that I find the best fit for my skill set and personality and working with Mia I believe we have accomplished just that! Thank you, Mia, for working so hard on my behalf. I encourage others who are passionate about a career in the non-profit area to reach out and partner with Chisholm Consulting. They truly have both parties’ best interests in mind."


Michelle Shanks

Membership Program Manager

Infectious Diseases Society of America

"I am writing to express my absolute appreciation in working with Dawn! Never having worked with a recruiter before, I wasn’t quite sure to what to expect, but she has set the bar high! During our initial meeting she was incredibly easy to talk to and share with. She made sure to communicate expectations and provided some great interview tips to help me prepare. Dawn has amazing energy, and her support and encouragement were very much appreciated. I’m incredibly thankful for her role in helping me secure my new position. And I would refer her and Chisholm Consulting to others without hesitation."  +


Jameya Way

Director of Accounting

The Wilderness Society

"Mia helped me land my dream job with her professionalism and persistence. She took the time to prepare me for  each interview, whether it was an individual or panel. She provided frequent updates on the client status, which I had not experienced with past job searches.  The process moved quickly – we started in early June and by the 18th I had a firm offer with a higher salary than was originally offered.  Thank you Mia!"  +


Shelby Jackson

Financial Accounting Consultant

O'Connor Consulting Services

"After my first conversation with Mia Chisholm, I knew she was a trusted advisor who cared about the placement and success of her candidates just as much as she cared about the best fit for her clients. Mia takes the time to discover what is important to your success and provides honest assessments and advice on how to guide you towards your goals."  +

"Mia contacted me about an opportunity and after we spoke and agreed that the position was not a good fit, she told me about another opportunity that she thought would be great for me. After a short conversation, she suggested going in a completely different direction with my career. She encouraged me to look outside the “box” I created for myself. Mia listened patiently as I described my desire for an exciting challenge in my career as I continue my service to non-profit organizations."

"Mia’s professionalism and attention to detail sets her apart from other consultants seeking top talent. She asks all the right questions and provides pertinent information to assist in making the best career decisions.  Mia has been an advocate and a trusted advisor. I am grateful for her wisdom, guidance and for steering my career in a new direction."


Gabrielle Voorhees

Senior Director, Finance

American Gaming Association

"When I think of Mia and how she worked to place me at AGA, the first thing that pops into my mind is you did not seem the least bit concerned about my age which is a huge problem for someone my age when interviewing…"  +

"The hiring manager confirmed that she never gave up trying to schedule an interview between us although he was skeptical about someone working at the same association for 30 years. She believed in my skills and capabilities and marketed those strengths. In my search, she presented me with multiple opportunities and despite passing on multiple positions, Mia did not seem the least bit put out about it. In fact, she continued to call me about excellent roles, and she was very honest about them. I never felt pressure from Mia and as corny as this may sound, I felt very safe in her care."


Bidhya Dhungel

Director, Finance & Accounting

EB5 Capital

"Mia was an absolute dream to work with. Extremely professional and incredibly helpful on every step. Even though we met virtually, she was always available and easy to reach. I felt she understood my unique expectations and was in my corner from day one…"  +

"Not only did she help me land the best job while I was not local to the area, she also got me higher pay than what the job had initially offered. I had a fantastic experience and I would have absolutely zero hesitation in recommending Mia to my friends and colleagues."


Ngalla Barry

Staff Accountant

ASIS International

"Working with Chisholm Consulting was an exceptional experience. Dawn encouraged me to pursue roles that truly aligned with my value as a candidate, and to not undersell my personal and professional qualities. She communicated regularly with me regarding the direct hire process, and effectively liaised between me and my future employer. Dawn and Mia also facilitated the compensation negotiation process with integrity, keeping both my best interests and the abilities of the organization in mind. Mia was organized, swift and professional in her approach of overseeing the interview and onboarding processes – conveying a true concern for my success and individual needs."  +

" "

"With the support of Chisholm Consulting, I have been able to obtain a position with the right organization that fits my professional goals and accommodates my preferences. I could not have asked for a better recruiting firm to guide me through this journey. I strongly recommend Chisholm Consulting to anyone seeking professional recruitment services, as my experience was flawless."


Roberto Flores

Chief Financial & Administrative Officer


"She always showed a very high level of professionalism, outstanding personal values, and a remarkable emotional intelligence. She uses these strong qualities, very unusual to find in executive searchers, to find the right match between the organization and potential candidates…"  +

"Mia does a thorough due diligence about the organization by studying its culture, mission, and core values. She goes beyond expectations and does not limit herself to just learn the job requirements of the position she is trying to fill out. Likewise, she puts a significant amount of time and effort to assess the professional skills and personal values of the candidates, so at the end of the recruitment process, the organization and the selected candidate benefit from her work because she found the perfect match for both."


Becky Ndombi

Sr. Major Gifts Officer

Children's Defense Fund

"I appreciate Melissa’s time and dedication to providing a top-notch candidate experience, from the initial interview preparation to the post-interview follow-up. I can honestly say that I have never had such a positive experience with a recruiter, and I wanted your supervisor to also know how great you are.  Throughout the process, you were incredibly helpful, promptly answering any questions I had and providing me with detailed information about the job role, company culture, and other relevant details. You made sure that I had a complete understanding of the job requirements and the company’s expectations, which helped me to prepare well and perform to the best of my ability during the interview.   Your professionalism, responsiveness, and attention to detail have made a significant difference in my interview preparation process, and I cannot thank you enough for your support.  Your contributions have undoubtedly played a significant role in my interview success."  +


Kathy O'Connor

Partner, President and Founder

O’Connor Consulting Services, LLC

"Mia always considers the leadership, corporate culture, and finances of her clients to appropriately match candidates with clients. You will rarely find a firm that will provide this upfront level of effort…"  +

"Mia’s ability to establish long-term relationships with her clients as well as the individuals she places is what sets her and her firm apart from others. Her connections in the DC not for profit community allow her to tap into a wealth of talented professionals and her extensive experience in the industry helps quickly match the right people in the right roles. When our clients have permanent resource needs, Mia is the first person I recommend since I know they will be well taken care of, for both immediate and future staffing needs."


Hank Wang, CPA


MPL Association

"Working with Mia is a real pleasure and she will not give up until she finds you the perfect job! As a candidate, she takes time to get to know you as a person understanding your strengths and weaknesses…"  +

"and directing you to be more professional. As an employer, she will find the candidate that is not only a professional match but also personality fit, which really empowers the team to grow."


Mary Jane Perraut

Chief Financial Officer

Beauvoir The National Cathedral Elementary School

"What a surprise it was to receive a call from Mia Chisholm about a job opportunity. I was pretty certain that my accounting career was coming to an end…"  +

"She was very encouraging and professional throughout the process. She remembered me from previous encounters and even put my experience together with the new opportunity. Mia is quite a match maker. She was very attentive to details and guided me through the interview process. I’m forever grateful to Mia for changing my life’s direction and am extremely comfortable and happy with my new career."


Lionel Neptune

Executive Director

Center for Working Families

"Mia, completely out of the blue, contacted me about a job opportunity that she thought would be perfect for me. It is no exaggeration to describe Mia’s outreach as prescient, as SHE WAS more aware of my need for the next career move and what that move needed to be than I WAS…"  +

"NO ONE other than someone with Mia’s insights and wholly unique ability to assess the essence of opportunities and individuals, could have EVER imagined such a match which was PITCH PERFECT! It became obvious through the process that Mia prepared both me and the client for the interview process. Mia’s consultative and subject matter expertise also helped me strike the balance in the compensation and benefits commensurate with my value/contribution."

"I could not be more enthusiastic in my endorsement of Mia Chisholm as a professional and an executive search consultant. You would be hard pressed to find anyone more committed, knowledgeable, informed, and attentive advocate than Mia to guide you through any professional transition. She is a gem!"


CC Jacques

Director of Finance

Vigene Biosciences, Inc.

"I will be forever grateful to Mia Chisholm for being the most phenomenal recruiter I’ve ever experienced. Those of us that have worked with recruiters before have undoubtedly had the feeling that we’re merely a quick commission then on to the next placement…"  +

"Mia is a one in a million gem. She takes the time to get to know you, the person, thoroughly. She goes to great lengths to understand your strengths, your preferences and your career goals. She only presents you with opportunities that fit all of these elements – but she doesn’t stop there. She walks you through every step of the interview process and works with you like a dedicated coach. She truly takes a vested interest in your success and works as an energetic advocate on your behalf. Mia is the definition of professionalism, integrity and sincerity. I credit Mia for finding me the role that launched my career into overdrive and will only be using Chisholm Consulting for the hiring needs I have going forward."


Eric Booth

Chief Financial Officer

Heart Rhythm Society

"Chisholm Consulting is the epitome of a boutique service. This was especially beneficial in seeking a candidate with highly technical skills and a polished professional demeanor. Mia did an excellent job presenting an impressive suite of candidates that fit that criteria to a ‘T’…"  +

"However, the thing that sets Chisholm Consulting apart is the follow-through and engagement throughout the entire process to hiring the exact right fit. #fivestars"


Maureen Joudrey

Director of Operations

Council on Foundations

"Liz and the Chisholm Consulting team were beyond wonderful to work with! They were thoughtful, informative, responsive, and made me feel like I had a partner throughout the recruitment process. When I got the job offer, Liz was genuinely excited for me — my success was her success. Now that I’ve landed the job, I’ll be working with Chisholm Consulting to build out my new team. I know I can trust them to find the best candidates!"  +


Marie Kouadjo

Staff Accountant

ASIS International

I have worked with other recruiting agencies before, but working with Mia and her team was one of the best. I had never had a one-on-one interview prep before, so you can imagine how impressed and happy I was to have Mia call and prepare me for the interview. She gave me great tips and advice that I still hold dear today. I got the job and love it too! "  +

I loved working with Chisholm Consulting and would recommend them to anyone. "


Mabel Imala, CPA


Heart Rhythm Society

"I met Mia at a time where I was frustrated with my job, the working conditions, hours and pay. During our initial meeting, Mia took the time to understand my motivation for seeking a new position, what skills and experience I brought to the table and what I truly wanted in a new role…."  +

"These were issues I personally had not even properly thought through. But she was able to bring them out of me and that conversation formed a partnership that was to continue over the course of a few months."

"As an Executive Recruiter, Mia led the interviewing process like a true professional. She managed the entire process from beginning to end aligning all parties involved. Her productivity and connections helped me land a very sought-after role with a reputable company. She took the time to prepare me for the various stages of the interview process, coaching me on how to put my best face forward and giving me constructive feedback. She was also able to negotiate a salary that was over and above my expectations and for that I am so grateful!"

"Working with Mia has been one of the best decisions I have made. I highly recommend Mia and I am now in a position that I will be using her for any staffing needs at my organization going forward."


David Kass

Vice President, Government Affairs & Strategic Communications

Council on Foundations

"Mia has been a pleasure to partner with on COF’s staffing needs. We needed someone who would not just fill the roles, but really understands our needs and our culture to find us the best match…"  +

"She easily understood the complexities of the job market and advised us every step of the way – from introducing us to qualified candidates to the salary negotiations. This was a huge relief knowing that we had someone on our side who would be honest. It was obvious to me that she was not looking for the quick commission but instead studying our team and looking for the best match for us. I’d say also Mia and her team were very responsive. We would receive feedback almost immediately and flowed with us as we established our internal processes offering sound input and advice. Mia is clearly a subject matter expert especially as it pertains to non-profit organizations and their needs. I would highly recommend Mia if you are looking for a true business partner to grow your staffing needs."


Mulugeta Tamire, CPA



"I have been working with Mia since 2016 and since day one, she listened to what I was looking for in a new company and presented new opportunities she thought would interest me and fit my skill set…"  +

"I have been working with Mia since 2016 and since day one, she listened to what I was looking for in a new company and presented new opportunities she thought would interest me and fit my skill set. She used her vast experience to prepare me well for the interview and worked with me to ensure that the position I accepted was the right choice for me and helped me negotiate a great salary and benefits package. Mia always keeps in touch and makes sure I am doing fine. Once you work with Mia, she treats you like family."

"I had the opportunity to meet many of her contacts when she celebrated the one-year anniversary of Chisholm Consulting, LLC and was able to witness how she treated everyone with respect and affection. Everyone I spoke to said how great a person Mia is and they were all happy with the service they were provided either as a candidate or an employer."


Abby Palazzo

Communications Associate

Council on Foundations

"Working with Dawn was nothing but a pleasure from the beginning to the end of the hiring process. Dawn recognized my potential immediately, facilitated communication effortlessly between me and the organization, and provided support and guidance throughout the hiring timeline."  +

"Chisholm Consulting is an outstanding resource because they care about finding the right culture fit for employees and nonprofits alike. Their priority is to match the company and the worker to each other based on character, not to ram through an employee into a given role just because they can fulfill the demands of the position on paper."

"I could not have asked anything more of Chisholm Consulting in terms of professionalism, compassion, and overall skill. It was simply a joy to work with them and I am very grateful to them for the integral part they played in launching my career."